Background Checks and Training

Making your ministry safe is Emery & Webb’s priority.  To that end we have selected Protect My Ministry to give our clients quality, cost-effective, background checks as well as online training solutions .  Protect My Ministry understands a church’s need for providing a safe environment and works to assist you in obtaining some of the tools to make that a reality.

Protect My Ministry has agreed to completely waive the registration fee of $39 for Emery & Webb clients.  Your ministry can then purchase as many background check reports as you need, at pre-negotiated discounted rates, just by signing up through Emery & Webb.

Protect My Ministry is also offering Emery & Webb clients unlimited online training for a one time charge of $149.  This includes online training for as many staff and volunteers needed by the church.  The online format allows each person to view and complete it on their schedule and also allows the church the ability to track and verify when each person has completed it.  The result is a higher participation rate from your staff and volunteers at a lower overall cost to the church.

Background Report Packages

Plus Package – $19.00 + fees*
  • National criminal and sex-offender search
  • Social Security number verification
  • Address history
  • Re-verification of all national database records
  • One court search (county or statewide, plus fees)
Preferred Package – $30.00 + fees*
  • National criminal and sex-offender search
  • Social Security number verification
  • Address history
  • Re-verification of all national database records
  • Unlimited court search (county or statewide, plus fees, based on last 7 years of address history)

* Mandatory court fees may apply. Please refer to the fee lists for County Court Searches and Statewide Court Searches by clicking on the “Description” links next to each service type in the online consultation.

Staff and Volunteer Online Training

Protect My Ministry also offers a cost effective online training program for your staff and volunteers.  In the past, training on abuse related issues could require scheduled seminars and turn into costly events which that did not always reach every volunteer.  Protect My Ministry offers online training which supplies the important information staff and volunteers need regarding abuse issues and that can be viewed in a way that meets their schedule.  Emery & Webb clients are able to access  unlimited online training for a one time charge of $149.

Get Started with Background Checks and Online Training

Step 1: Sign Up:

Sign Up with Protect My Ministry. Get started by filling out the form on the sign up page and select the option which best fits your ministry.  Protect My Ministry has multiple options for various size churches and church needs.  Listed below are two of the five bundle options available.

The first option is Ministry Mobilizer – Bundle 0 which includes the waived registration fee and the Emery & Webb discounted rates on each additional background check packages.

The second option is Ministry Mobilizer – Bundle 1 which includes everything in Bundle 0 plus the one time charge of $149 for unlimited staff and volunteer online training.

(Please note that with all options there is a 24 hour setup period after you have initially signed up for the service.  Once setup is complete, your church is sent a notification and reports can then be ordered.)

Step 2: Utilize the State Online Consultation:

Once your account is set up use the Online Consultation tool from Protect My Ministry to help determine what background package is recommended for your state.  Emery & Webb recommends that the minimum recommended package for your state be chosen by your ministry.

Step 3: Order Reports and/or Set up Online Training:

Once your account is set up decide which report you want to order. Most churches needs are met through either the Plus or Preferred Package.  If you have chosen to purchase online training you can begin to send out the links to your staff so that they can begin their training.


You can contact Protect My Ministry directly at 800-319-5581 for information on their excellent services and products that can  help you with the training and checking of your staff and volunteers.  Be sure to let them know if you are an Emery & Webb client.