Are We Covered If We Meet To Worship?

The Ministryinsured team at Emery & Webb wants to be a resource for you during this season of COVID 19.  We serve congregations just like yours across the country.  Each state and even local city will have specific guidelines and rules on if churches should meet for corporate worship.  Our churches are experiencing this situation very differently from state to state.  For some, it is clearly mandated that they are not allowed to meet, for others there may be a gray area.  One thing is clear. Social distancing has proven to be an effective tool in combating the spread of the virus.  Any large group, religious or not, is limiting the effectiveness of this tool.

We have been asked, “Are we covered if we meet and someone contracts COVID 19 at our meeting?”  One aspect of insurance that can be frustrating is that it rises and falls on specifics.  Coverage is determined by the forms and exclusions of your specific policy.  In a forum such as this it is impossible for agents to make a statement for all states, all policies, and guessing the specifics of how a claim transpired.

This is what we suggest.  Please call or email us.  We can talk with you about your specific coverage and the specifics of what you are facing.

We are encouraged to engage in corporate worship.  However, it is not the only type of worship.  The Church is more than just church services.  We are encouraged by the responses of many of the denominations we serve.  They are giving resources and guidance to their constituents in altering how they serve and worship at the local level.  They are offering tutorials on how to online stream teaching and musical worship.  They are connecting small groups through social media and brainstorming on how to safely minister to some of the more vulnerable demographics of our communities.  Here is one example from the Assemblies of God

During this crisis, the rules of how we corporately worship are being temporarily shifted.  It seems that at a time like this it is wisdom to concentrate more on the spirit of a rule rather than the exact words of a rule.  The Apostle Paul put it well in I Corinthians, “You say, “I am allowed to do anything” – but not everything is good for you.  You say, “I am allowed to do anything” – but not everything is beneficial.  Don’t be concerned for your own good but for the good of others.”  Let us remember others and find ways to respond to this crisis that protects and does good for others, especially the vulnerable populations around us.

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