Pumpkin Spiced Gratitude – Part 1 – The Hoving Home

Pumpkin Spice and Thanksgiving.  We are bringing both popular November topics together in one post.  First, Pumpkin Spice.  We love it.  Second, Thanksgiving.  We need to express gratitude more.  Studies show that gratitude can change us.  A behavior as simple as writing down what you are thankful for can change brain patterns and overall mood.  Guess we will keep writing.

Thanksgiving is here. It’s a time to remember all that God has done in our lives.  And thank Him for it.  Its also time to express thankfulness for the people around us.  God put us in a community.  Take the time this week and thank God for that community, maybe even with a note.

Gratitude For Our Community

In the next few posts we wanted to “write a note” and thank some of the great people that make up our community.  We have the privilege of serving thousands of non-profits in our work of risk management and insurance and it is amazing to see the work they do.  Now is a great time to thank them for making this world a better place.  We ask that you check out their websites and see the great work they are doing!  So here goes…


Thank you Hoving Home!  We are grateful for you and your work!


The Hoving Home’s mission is to help women reclaim their life from drug and alcohol abuse.  Thousands of women have been helped through their work.  They believe each woman has a God given purpose and help them reclaim their life from addiction’s grip.  The first Hoving Home started in Garrison, NY in 1967 and still operates today.  Since then they have branched out to many other states including New Jersey, Nevada and California.

We are grateful for the team at the Hoving Home and for the servant heart and actions they have extended to women needing help from addiction.  Please visit them at www.hovinghome.org to see how they are helping women across the country.

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