Preparing the Church or the church for Winter?

Is the Church the People or the Building?  Most congregations agree that the Church is the people.  The living, breathing body that can minister in the real world.  And yet most congregations funnel a large part of ministry through their buildings.

Large investments have been made into facilities that allow great children’s and youth programs, can communicate through audio and video, and can feed and shelter in tough times.  Winter is here and both the people and the building need to be prepared to minister in the cold times too.

The cold temperatures put many vulnerable people at risk.  The elderly, those with special needs and the homeless face real struggles as the temperatures drop.  Awareness of this risk is the first step.  Preparing your people and buildings can be the next step.

We are just weeks away from towns and cities declaring “Code Blue” plans to help shelter people when temperatures get below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Consider having your church be involved in these important opportunities to help.  You may first have to make sure your building is prepared for winter so you can be a blessing.

4 Ways To Keep the church building ready to serve in winter:

  • Set the thermostat to above 55 degrees if unoccupied for long periods of time. Have a member check the building consistently when temperatures drop.
  • Check water pipes. Frozen pipes are a major source of damage to church buildings in the winter.  Frozen pipes can cripple a church and their ability to serve.
    • Consider turning on faucets with slow drip during extreme cold
    • Insulate pipes susceptible to cold areas and draft
    • Disconnect outside hoses and cover/insulate faucets.
  • Check heating systems so that you have a facility ready to help. See our last blog post on thoughts about preparing your heating system for winter.
  • Have a snow and ice removal plan for walkways and entrances. Make sure your building is a safe place to enter and exit when the weather can make surfaces slippery.

Check out further suggestions for preparing for winter from GuideOne, one of our partner church insurance companies.

The Church is the people.  People working through the tools they have access to.  Your building is a wonderful tool to minister this winter.  Initial preparation and maintenance can make sure your congregation is in a position to help.

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